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Notre boutique propose une sélection d’équipements de poudreuse et des souvenirs de catski. Nous avons des sous-vêtements, des casques, des sacs de randonnée, des lunettes/masques et des clips de ski, des autocollants, des affiches, des DVD sur le ski et une variété d'artisanat fabriqué localement, comme des tasses de White Grizzly et plus encore!

Wooden Note Holder

Handcrafted and painted

$28 on sale for $17

Wooden Wine Bottle Holder

Popular for serving on the table

$28 on sale for $17

Peet Boot Dryer

Amazing low temp dry system safe for all footwear

$100 on sale for $75

Ceramic Powder Mugs

Handcrafted in the Kootenay Valley, with or without Powder Pig (Skier) or Boar Boarder glazed in bottom


Ceramic Wall Plaque

Various messages, hand crafted by the same artist

$28 on sale for 17

Ceramic Tea Bowl

With a White Grizzly in the clay


Ceramic Powder Pig

Handcrafted by C. Hutchinson, Skiing or Riding


Activity Book

One of three different children’s books by local writer

$12 on sale for $8

Mountain Climber

Canadian Climbing Toy handcrafted and painted


Velcro Strap

1” Webbing with Metal “D” Ring for holding the sticks


Powder mitts

Custom made for the rigors of deep powder. Gold/Black Size XS-XL

$207 on sale $162

Attraction Men’s Fleece

This two color half-zip sweater for men is Ruby / Black Sizes S-L

$84 on sale $45

Short sleeve T-Shirt

Prewashed cotton, Unisex, White w/Wimps logo. Sizes S – XXL

$34 on sale $23

Short sleeve T-Shirt

Prewashed cotton, Unisex, Cardinal red w/Chest Logo. Sizes S-XXL

$34 on sale $23

T and Cap combo

Any t- shirt with Baseball cap Combo . Sizes S-XXL

$45 on sale $34

Baseball Hats

Cloth Strap Caps: Black, Navy or Cardinal red

$31 on sale $23


Assorted stickers for any sticking occasion



The Art of Cat Skiing by the Artist Jean-Francois Racine


White Grizzly Embroidery Patches

You asked, we deliver, our popular White Grizzly shield logo embroidery in a patch


Driving sunglasses

UV400, 100% UV protection, Rose Lens, Quality Optics, High Density Driving / Sunglasses, lifetime guarantee

$145 on sale only $90 each

“Vinturi” wine aerator

Essential wine instant aeration for red wine – your wine needs to breathe, so for the fresh opened bottle you get decanted flavours, better bouquet and a smoother finish


Sinners DVD

Released 2003 by Bill Heath and Friends Productions. Winner of Best Film on Mountain Sport (Banff Film Festival), Best Sport Film (Boulder Mountain Film Festival) and Jury’s Award (Vancouver Mountain Film Festival). With the theme that we are all sinners, and our perfection is reached through understanding our imperfections, this soulful film by local cinematographer extols the beauty of snow including images from White Grizzly on both average and above average snowfall days. Sinners includes lots of powder shots and mountain scenes that reach forever.

$28 on sale $23

Nine Winters Old DVD

Released 2007 by Rich Corbett Productions, filmmaker Bill Heath. Winner of Best Mountain Culture Award(2007 Banff Film Festival) and Mountain Culture Award Mountain Film (Telluride) With the theme that winter is simply the best time of year, this feature length film is an understated collection of random snow-lovers, offering glimpses of their carefully nurtured intimate relationships with mountains in winter. It stokes the winter vibe! Also shot in part at the steep treed deep powder location of White Grizzly.

$28 on sale $23

  • Une Journee @ White Grizzly

  • Nos clients disent...

  • Ein grosses Dankeschön an das gesamte "White Grizzly" Team! Für das beste Essen, wir je gegessen haben, für den besten Pulfer, wir je geritten sind und für den heissesten Whirlpool, in welchem wir je unser Budweiser getrunken haben. Plus für die persönlichste Betreuung, die wir uns vorstellen könnten. Danke für alles!
    –Harry Bischofberger, Alex Baer, Anton Meusburger, MOGUL SKICLUB Dornbirn/Adelsbuch AUT