Ross Holden, Ottawa ON
Our fifth great year with White Grizzly. Once again superb food and hospitality. Skiing was fab ending on a super pow 50 day one of the top three days ever!!
Charles Bale, Huntington NY
First time here but a long way from being the last. The highlight real never ends! The pow the food the people the hospitality. Did I mention I'm available for adoption?
Christophe Defforey, München, GER
Februar 9, 2009
fantastische Carole & Brad
+ fantastisches Team
+ fantastische Lodge
+ fantastische Gäste
+ fantastisches Skifahren
+ fantastisches Essen
+ fantastisches Meadow Creek
= wir sind bald zurück!
Danke für alles, ihr habt einen fantastischen Ort!
John Dallman, Cincinnati OH
Februar 7, 2012
Again. I would like to thank you for your wonderful hospitality during our visit. The sense of care went a long way toward relieving my fears... and yes, the mountains did instill a healthy sense of respect. In my younger years, I raced offshore sailboats professionally. Rather than making me jaded, the experience taught me to respect Nature and it’s overwhelming power. That some sense of healthy respect comes through loud & clear from your entire staff. Moreover, rather than allowing it to paralyze you, you find a way to work with it, to harmonize, to prosper. As scared & respectful as I was while @ White Grizzy, I have found that my thoughts drift back your way whenever I have a free moment. Thank you for being such great stewarts of the land & of a life style that seeks to share your life with others.
Amanda Isdale (Flying Kiwi),Yorkshire UK
März 27, 2012
Evidence speaks for itself – year 7 at White Grizzly! This place is the epitomy of all one could possibly wish for in fabulous skiing experiences on all fronts – people, hospitality, mountain & environment, skiing conditions & such great fun too. You have a magic formula & I love it. Big hugs & kisses.
David Moore, Calgary AB
März 22, 2012
11 out of 5, crazy pow (over 200 in 5 days) crazy people and crazy good times. This is the place of legends. My best ski ever... Rock on!
Chris Gooch, Virginia Beach VA
Januar 27, 2012
4 x coming – great as usual! A lot of hard work has paid off – glading – Thanks! Good luck – see you shortly.
Kate Ediger, Grande Prairie AB
Januar 27, 2012
I can honestly thank you enough for such a wonderful price. It was way more than cat skiing. The entire experience was mind blowing! The terrain, the PERFECT pillow drops and great trees, this place is awesome. The cozy cabin afterwards is like you are right at home or better. You guys have for sure over exceeded my expectations. The fact that the owners like to talk to the clients and actually have such a good time really made the entire experience AMAZING! I couldn’t thank you enough for this prize!!! I can’t wait to come back. Big hug and kisses. Thank you is an understatement. I wish you guys all the best. Keep smiling and remember. WAKE UP AND LIVE (but you guys are already doing a fine job of that).
Jane & Adrian Whicheloe, Ski Club Great Britain, Bristol UK
März 2, 2011
Hey you guys rock! The skiing was the most challenging and enjoyable ever. Brad & Carole run an amazing ship. The food was fab and the whole cat experience more than good. White Grizzly is cat skiing with teeth!
John Haddon, Farnham, UK Ski Club, UK
März 12, 2008
Another great year. Thanks a lot to Brad & all his brilliant staff for making the visit so memorable.
Corey Goss, Ottawa ON
Februar 20, 2008
Brad, Carole & the White Grizzly Crew
I have never cat skied before and I couldn’t imagine having a better time. I felt very well taken care of my entire stay. I was amazed at how professional and organized your operation is. Your food is awesome!! Every one of you is very approachable, friendly, extremely knowledgeable, humorous and incredibly hospitable. Your terrain is simply fantastic and I have truly learned the term “huck” at your mountain. Wicked, Wicked, Wicked!
Marco Achilli, Milano ITA
Januar 19, 2007
It has been a unique experience and, I could not expect a better self-gift for my 40’s. I had a dream and it became reality even better than expected.
You made me feel home and safely I have had the best "powder" experience in my life. I’ll be back. Thank you White Grizzly
Mark & Maria Smith, Amanda, Nell, Sarah, Richard and "Pornpants" Smuggler, Tamworth UK
Januar 12, 2007
“Mark Smith Epic Tours!”
Sometimes when you re-visit a place where you had an amazing experience you wonder if it will be as good? No need to wonder anymore. Perfect! Epic! Amazing! And beyond! The “Grizz” feels like home!
Brad, Carole and Team, we hold you dear in our hearts, your home, your friendship! We love you guys! We love White Grizzly Adventures! See you in March, June, January...!!! And beyond!
Chris Tzetzo, Williamsville NY
Februar 11, 2006
Thanks for a great time! You both are first class all the way in every way. World class skiing, food, hospitality, guides – can’t be better. Wonderful to see run a fantastic business and live the dream, all while making many other people happy along the way. Thanks for truly taking care of our group in every way. I am sure we will be back to stay with you again.
Bill Heath, Nelson BC
Januar 10, 2006
Such amazing times! I’ve been all over the world skiing and, these 2 days of good friends and Deep powder were close to the best 2 days of skiing in 35 years. Thanks so much and good luck in ’06.
Dave Heath, Nelson BC
Januar 10, 2006
Thanks again so much Carole & Brad. Those were 2 of the deepest, dankest days I have ever experienced. Fact!
Heath Lockhurst, Nelson BC
Januar 10, 2006
14 years in the Kootenays, deepest, driest, ever. Epic, Thanks guys
Mitchell Scott, Nelson BC
Januar 10, 2006
It just never stopped puking for 48 hours straight. 37 cm over night, 22 when we arrived. Snowed 25 today. All at -4, -5. Deepest pow of my life. Trofts. Beautiful as it can get in the mountains. Thanks forever!
Blake Seale, North Vancouver BC
Februar 4, 2006
Wonderful hosts you are. Your support team, a great crew. This year we were blessed with amazing skiing, snow, snow, snow and more snow. Happy faces all week. Coming to the Kootenays for skiing is a trip everyone should experience and being with the White Grizzly outfit makes it all that much more pleasurable. I had such a great time... I can’t think of how it could have been better.
Wayne Hickey, Seattle WA
Februar 4, 2005
Every year, it’s more of the same great snow, food & conversation, and always something new. What we though started as a less than epic week ended on the most epic day yet – 56 cm of fresh that seemed bottomless. Year four was just as good as year one – thanks again for a great trip.

“thou shalt not poach thy neighbours line, unless thy neighbour hath poached thine line previous...” SFD
Boris Bakovic, San Francisco CA
Januar 23, 2004
Brad, Carole and the White Grizzly Team
I had very high expectations after many raving reviews of former guests. I was not disappointed! I’ve been skiing for 20 years and this last week was, by far, the best ski experience of my lifetime. Thank you for the good times. I’ll be back!
Chris Holden, Ottawa ON
Februar 6, 2003
To White Grizzly Powder Gang!
Once again you have proven that the quality, professionalism and dedication of the staff is only surpassed by the quality of the deepest, steepest POW! Thanks for a fantastic week and looking forward to next season! All the best!
Jody McOzzy, Aspen Adventure TV, CO
Januar 28, 2003
Got the biggest air of my life, the steepest treed powder of my life. Pretty much the best 2 days on the board ever. Aside from the amazing powdered terrain the food was unbelievable and Brad & Carole you have it all. Couldn’t end my holiday in Canada better. Thanks.
Ric & Stephanie Straus, Santa Cruz CA
Januar 24, 2003
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!
What a team, what a total hedonistic experience. Incredible again, your attitude of total quality is unparalleled (like my skiing). 3 weeks of drought you still find great fresh tracks then beautiful dump of light powder to frost the cake. I need to go work out for the next 360 days so I can indulge in your fine Haute Cuisine next year. This is the most intimate operation I could imagine. You are my ski family. Amor & Pow.
Mark Schwartz, Germantown WI
Januar 24, 2003
Brad, Carole and Gang!
Thanks for the great experience. Of course the snow, terrain, guides and skiing were awesome, but you’re operation has to rank amongst the very best. You both obviously enjoy what you do and that comes across in the way you treat your guests. I’m already looking forward to sharing this experience with Dave next year. You guys ROCK!!!
Stephen Becker, San Francisco CA
Januar 17, 2003
Our 3rd visit. Again wonderful, wonderful. Great skiing. Steep, deep & trees, just like it’s advertised. New challenges & vistas, great hosts Carole & Brad. The entire operation gets better from year to year and I look forward to my return next year.
Don Flory, Elisabethtown PA
Februar 16, 2002
Thank you for letting me enjoy what you get to enjoy every day. The snow was excellent and the food was incredible. This is some of the most challenging terrain I have ever been on. Which makes this one of the best experiences of my life. The food and the Guides were better than I could have imagined. Thank you very very much. Hats off to you Brad and Carole. Thanks again!
Mike Corvasce, San Francisco CA
Februar 10, 2002
White Grizzly Team:
Thanks for making the “epic” ski trip that we were all looking to have. I can honestly say that I’ve just found my new addiction: non-stop pow. The lodge, food, and staff were extremely impressive and I am sad that we’ve leaving it all so soon. I hope to see you all next winter if not sooner down in the Bay Area. Ski good or eat wood!
John Seegraber, Quincy MA
Januar 25, 2002
I can’t thank you two enough for your generous hospitality & great POWDAH skiing!!! You have “the goods” & I love the fact that I can access them with a truly generous & professional outfit such as yours! Sincerely hope to be back next year & have fantasy runs again! Love you guys, Willie of Bostoneians mono crew.
Gerry O’Connell, Boston MA
Januar 25, 2002
Brad & Carole, thank you very much for your hospitality and you guys definitely have the best playground on the planet. Epic turns, bottomless Pow, unbelievable trees and the best Shrooms to launch you have the total package
Harry Bischofberger, Alex Baer, Anton Meusburger, MOGUL SKICLUB Dornbirn/Adelsbuch AUT
Dezember 18, 2003
Ein grosses Dankeschön an das gesamte "White Grizzly" Team! Für das beste Essen, wir je gegessen haben, für den besten Pulfer, wir je geritten sind und für den heissesten Whirlpool, in welchem wir je unser Budweiser getrunken haben. Plus für die persönlichste Betreuung, die wir uns vorstellen könnten. Danke für alles!
Anna & Ernst Zängerle, SUI
März 7, 2008
Vielen Dank, dass wir solche tolle Ferien verbringen durften. Ihr beide seid grossartig, als Personen und als Paar. Carole, wenn du weiterhin so gut kochst und Brad, wenn du weiterhin so gut führst, so werde ich weiterhin lächeln.
Colette & Richard Scauri, Nice FRA
Januar 17, 2003
Nous avons passé 4 jours parfaits avec une neige de rêve – le chalet est joli et comfortable, la cuisine delicieuse et le plus important: Carole et Brad nous ont accueillis très amicalement et les guides sont très attentionés (merci special à mon "ange gardien" Stephan).
Josée Prevost, Montreal QC
Januar 24, 2003
Vous êtes parfaits! Grace a vous et a votre passion je suis tombé en amour avec les Kootenays! Dites-moi: comment je vais faire pour attendre a l’an prochain??! Hein? Grosses bises a vous tous!
Maman Lise Bissonnette, Outremont QC
Juli 12, 2003
Contente d’avoir vu vos belles montagnes! Felicitations pour votre organization. Vous semblez heureux et j’en suis tres contente.
Eric Raymond, Montreal QC
Februar 9, 2007
Peu à dire car tout est excellent et personalisé. Une attention continuelle à tous les détails. Terrain incroyable.
Benoit de Varennes, Montreal QC
März 6, 2009
Un super gros merci pour le meilleur ski de ma vie et surtout votre excellente companie. Salut à toute l’équipe!!
Claude Bussieres, Westmount QC
März 5, 2010
Merci à toute l’équipe pour cette semaine de rêve. Tout a éte fait pour rendre ces 4 journées de ski et de gastronomie parfaites. A bientôt!
Thierry Degiovanni, Monaco MC
Februar 11, 2012
Merci pour cet accueil si chaleureux et famillial. J’ai passé un sejour inoubliable et on se reverra surement.
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  • Our 3rd visit. Again wonderful, wonderful. Great skiing. Steep, deep & trees, just like it’s advertised. New challenges & vistas, great hosts Carole & Brad. The entire operation gets better from year to year and I look forward to my return next year.
    –Stephen Becker, San Francisco CA