The White Grizzly Team

Carole KarafilOwner and Lodge Director

Carole earned two bachelor degrees, one in biology and one in special education, before admitting that her true calling was out on the slopes. She spent a number of years working as the marketing manager of Le Massif Ski Area in Quebec where she developed a taste for the marriage of art with skiing. Carole’s Passion for Pow and her commitment to detail are what make the service at White Grizzly so refined. Her French flair enriches the Lodge menu. She knows every corner of the operation, and is committed to providing all those little extras that make the White Grizzly experience so special.

Brad KarafilOwner and Operations Director

Brad is addicted to powder and he is on this planet to share his addiction, by whatever means possible. He goes on the mountain every day to guide guests, train guides, drive the snowcat, and conduct routine maintenance. In short: do anything that needs to be done so you can shred the pow. Brad always seems to have energy for the task at hand, and he does it with a smile. His passion and enthusiasm are evident in everything from his extensive training in mountain safety, to his genuine excitement about gear. He’s always willing to take the time to share his knowledge, or share a laugh and maybe a hug. Brad has a talent for making people feel cared about – from safety on the mountain, to at-home in the Lodge.

(Super) Dave OsborneHead of Safety

Dave is an experienced and ACMG certified guide, and steady favourite among the guests since 2007 leading the White Grizzly Team. He seems businesslike at first, but it doesn’t take long to spot the mischief behind his eyes. He knows how to show guests a good time, and all guests quickly see how it is only fun when everyone is being safe.

Breanne HopeHead of Hospitality

Bree is a talented chef, meticulous Lodge assistant and not-so-closet poet. After caring for guests' morning needs, she is there to send them off to powder paradise. Keep your eyes peeled for her rhyming lunch labels and taste bud popping delights.

Ben McGeorgeThe Smooth Cat-Operator

Ben is a native of Johnson’s Landing, another tiny community just down the road from Meadow Creek, and it’s his deft hands that maintain the machinery and manoeuvre the cat up and down the mountain. His dedication and diligence are a large part of what give the guests as many runs a day as they do.

Bert MiddleburgAssistant Cat Operator and Assistant Guide

Bert is only part-time through the season, but has been around for a while. His skill in operating machinery and wilderness knowledge compliment the guest experience.


Cooking is a passion she fell into at the end of high school and never looked back. She soon realized she could go to school for this and away she went. During her apprenticeship she was lucky enough to get some really fun experiences. Working at a ski hill was one of them. That began a relationship with skiing and her craft that has lasted over twenty-five years. She know how hard skiers play and fueling your fun is her business.

As a red seal chef, she is fortunate enough to live the dream of cooking for guest and guides year around in wilderness settings.

Taking care of special needs diets and lifestyles is her specialty.


Riley is a passionate whole food chef. She has explored many different methods and styles of cooking. “Health blossoms in a happy stomach!”


Jason is a skilled and enthusiastic chef. Watch out for his superb suppers, divine desserts and walloping wooden spoon.

Sandra MartensMassage Therapist

Sandra is the Lodge's registered massage therapist. Her healing touch assists muscle recovery and gets the guests back on the slopes for another full day of deep powder turns. She enjoys meeting new people, and is really looking forward to treating those aching muscles she has treated before for those returning back to the lodge after a spectacular day on the slopes.

Additional Safety Team MembersPart-time guides

In addition to the core team, there are rotating part-time guides Bill, Bert, Eric and Melissa.

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  • To White Grizzly Powder Gang!
    Once again you have proven that the quality, professionalism and dedication of the staff is only surpassed by the quality of the deepest, steepest POW! Thanks for a fantastic week and looking forward to next season! All the best!
    –Chris Holden, Ottawa ON